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If you have a vision but need some help bringing it to life, our practical Interior and Landscape Design Service might be just what you’re looking for? No matter the size, our goal is to always create a space that works for you and to be enjoyed at every moment.

Working from our studio in Barnes Village, London House Design was conceived to complement the more functional build element, being able to take projects from concept through to completion. Integrating the building contractor, architect and interior and exterior design team to all work together makes the projects more manageable and achieves greater benefits for quality, time and budget. We can ensure that each aspect of the process works like clockwork and is successfully tailored to meet clients' every need. 

Our ethos is that no two homes should be the same. Understanding our clients' lifestyle and needs is an essential part of our skill set. Each project is designed with close attention to detail and we pride ourselves on providing a bespoke service that combines practical design solutions with inspirational interior and exterior styling. Your project is an opportunity to work together to incorporate your own personality, taste and design flair, to create a home that is unique to you.